Miresse Tinumiel

Exarch of Sehanine, Summer Queen of Martyr, Radiant One.

Miressë Tinumiel was born in the city of New Ilion on Martyr. Her parents hunted drow; this is how they met their end, orphaning Miressë. She grew up in the Church of Sehanine and left for adventuring after interpreting the dream of a little girl. She was shy and quiet at first, but grew into a leadership role. Mjoll is practically her family and she can pinpoint the moment their friendship solidified: in the temple to Marrdukashzt, Mjoll became sure that everyone else in the party was going to sell him into slavery and Miressë convinced him that wasn’t true and managed to get him to keep going. She never would have expected their partnership but she is immensely grateful for it.

She believes, though, that everyone she cares about will turn or be turned against her. She has had to kill more former allies than she likes to think about.

Another thing she does not like to think about but cannot stop thinking about: her twisted relationship with Shar’eyl. It began with a dream, as many things do for Miressë (the scarred drow woman from the alley / you fear and lust). While in the Underdark, trying to get back to Sigil, Mjoll pretended to be a slaver while Miressë and Orret pretended to be slaves, to be given to Shar’eyl. They didn’t know she was in the city; they didn’t know that she would put spiders in their stomachs and make them slaves.

They did not know that in the Tomb of Horrors they would be broken down into their basest parts; Miressë did not know that she would eventually succumb to Shar’eyl’s advances or that it would turn into a more long-term situation.

Miressë has become one of the leaders of the Cerulean Sign, an exarch of Sehanine, an organizer of war efforts, and an enemy of elder gods. She is deeply paranoid and deeply distrustful, but those few people she does trust mean the world to her.

Miresse Tinumiel

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