Heroes of Legend

There are few stories, if any, from before the Cataclysm, but many of the legends of the world concern a group of heroes who traveled together shortly afterward, in the ruined world, setting things right and rebuilding the shattered civilizations left behind. Some stories claim that all these heroes traveled together, while others depict them each having their own retinues, but the most popular heroes from the old tales are these:

Nemoreth Lystari – Eladrin hero, famed for his songs and intelligence.

Farn Drurrow – Dwarven hero, famed for his steadfast loyalty and stubborn strength.

Sal Frynn – Halfling hero, famed for her cunning and trickery.

Terro Sukon – Deva hero, famed for his wisdom and bravery.

Nadia al-Tali – Tiefling hero, famed for her fury and prowess in battle.

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Heroes of Legend

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